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Cream: Jeff Natural Elements

All-in-one skin repair

The Jeff Natural Elements cream is generally used as an anti-wrinkle and skin repair cream for the face, hands, and feet – in fact, the whole body!

Jeff Natural Elements – the ‘green’ cream – is the ultimate skin repair/skin rejuvenation cream. The Jeff Natural Elements cream also works well for burns, rashes, stretch marks, scars and wounds – also if they are inflamed. In case of burns, not only does it improve and speed up the healing process, it also removes the burning sensation/pain. The cream can also be used to reduce scar tissue. For a new scar, you may start using the cream as soon as possible. Many people, who have used the cream for a constant period of more than six months, feel that the Jeff Natural Elements cream is like having a natural facelift.

The Jeff Natural Elements Cream works by stimulating the flow of blood to the outer layers of the skin. This ensures a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, as well as a more efficient removal of waste products. The cream, which is made with herbs and organic enzymes, can be applied to the face – also around the eyes – and body.

The Jeff Natural Elements cream comes in two versions:

Jeff Natural Elements – 50 ml glass jar

A vaselin-based version that allows for the skin to benefit the most from the herbs in the cream while, at the same time, protecting it against wind and weather.

Jeff Natural Elements Day – 50 ml glass jar

A cold cream-based version which is absorbed quicker and also nourishes the skin.

Both creams contain the same fantastic working herbs.